Censorship: Is a Backlash Coming?

It’s no secret that Google (especially via its property YouTube), Facebook, Twitter, and other big tech companies are cracking down on “misinformation” (as defined by themselves or, perhaps, by government overseers), banning people, posts, and videos that don’t conform to current orthodoxy. Can Private Companies Be Guilty of Censorship? This question is really a digression… Continue reading Censorship: Is a Backlash Coming?

Change: How to Make Big Things Happen Book Review

Damon Centola is director of the Network Dynamics Group and a Sociology professor at the University of Pennsylvania and has conducted a great deal of research into how networks operate and how ideas and movements are spread. I often read such contemporary books in fields related to sociology, culture, and such despite being skeptical of… Continue reading Change: How to Make Big Things Happen Book Review

Magic: A History (Book Review)

Magic A History: From Alchemy to Witchcraft, from the Ice Age to the Present,  by Chris Gosden Magic is a topic that fits nicely into this blog’s cultoid topic. As Chris Gosden points out, however, throughout most of history, magic was accepted as reality. It’s only in the past few centuries that believers in the… Continue reading Magic: A History (Book Review)